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Within the Abattoir, we have Clans, Orders and Guilds which allow people to become part of a 'family', whilst providing some other benefits, which usually incorporate a clanhall (a safe retreat), less expensive shopkeepers, and blacksmiths, clan objects, a storage room for loot, and a few bonus items not sold anywhere else within the game. Clans are provided for Deadlies (people who chose to take part in killing other players) and Orders and Guilds are provided for Peacefuls (people who do not go around killing other players).

Joining clans, orders, or guilds requires that you be level 10. Once you have reached this level, you can apply to join the appropriate organization with the ASKTOJOIN command, which will inform the leadership of your interest. They will then be able to make a decision on whether to induct you or not. This may happen while you are offline, so keep checking back when you return.

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The Abattoir has, since time forgotten, been dominated by four fierce clans. Power swings from one to the other as great leaders rise and fall and the clans kill each other to assert their authority.


"Once a clan of hunters devoted to the ways of Kyra, members of Ka-tet grew skilled in the art of killing. Over time, their kills attracted the attention of the dark Gods. Under the influence of the Demon Zghar, they evolved into a clan of assasins devoted to the evil arts. Members of Ka-tet follow a strict code of honour and devotion to their fellow clan members, yet wage an unholy war on all foolish enough to oppose them."


"A clan forged from the beliefs of the ancient Norse Gods, Ragnarok is the elite of the elite. Failure is not an option whenst joining this powerful and almighty clan. Always seen waving the banner of Freya, their almighty founder, on battle-torn lands and destroying all that is in their path, they fight with the might of the ancient Gods on their side and always bring forth chaos, destruction and death to their foes."


"Bow ye before Clan Treachery, the most feared clan within these realms. No-one but the best may join the elite ranks of Treachery, for if they are not, the Deity of the Clan shall smite them from this earth, never to show their sorry face within the clan ever again. Only a few are deemed worthy enough to enter the ranks, and truly shalt they be tested against the devil himself..."


"Enter ye now into Tribual, not a clan but a brotherhood. The most exclusive hunters club in all the land. Founded upon intense loyalty and devotion, strengthened by the bonds of a sacred union. One does not simply join this fraternity, but must dedicate their entire existence to he furthering of the cause. Members are required to always honor their clan by upholding the values and integrity which we hold dear. Above all may your blade be strong and your aim be true. All must perish beneath the might of the Tribual!"



Guilds are only open to peaceful characters of the correct class. They tend to be less rigidly-run than clans, due to the less selective recruitment, although still enjoy most of the benefits.

Brotherhood of Darkness | High Guild of Magic | School of Battlemagic
Wardens of Nature | Fellowship of the Sword | House of Knowledge

Brotherhood of Darkness

"Eons past, the leaders of the Guild of Vampires and the Guild of Thieves met, to discuss the impending destruction of their respective organisations by the rulers of the realms. They decided it would be in their best interests to stand together against their common foes, and a shaky alliance was formed. Pooling their resources, they began a new Guild, The Brotherhood of Darkness, a guild for all who wish to prowl the dark ways, and frolic in the shadows of the night. With their greater combined strength came power, the power to protect themselves from the King's Law, and those who uphold it. The discovery of a new style of assassin excited the Brotherhood's keepers, and they welcomed them into the guild, trained them, and gave them a name. Nightblades."

High Guild of Magic

"The High Guild of Magic is the home of the most powerful magic users in the Abattoir, the mages and clerics. Although the strengths of the two classes well complement each other, for ages they kept to their own kind, distrustful and envious of each other. Only when a great crisis in the land forced the magic users to work together did they discover how much stronger they were together than they had been apart. Now, within the imposing towers of the Guildhall encircling the ancient Fountain of Magic, the mages and clerics weave their potent spells and hold counsel together."

School of Battlemagic

"The School of Battlemagic is a guild for those that depend on skills and spells equally, as well as their own weapon, equipment, and prowess. This guild is for the two classes of war-wizard and sword-mage. These two classes work exeptionally well together, they are exact opposites. One is equiped with powerful offensive magic, and defensive skills (the war-wizard), and the other has powerful defensive spells, and offensive skills at his or her disposal (the sword-mage). Together, these two get all types of skills and spells to use at their choosing."

Wardens of Nature

"The Wardens of Nature is a guild for nature lovers, namely rangers and druids. Rangers and druids have always been friends of each other, and nearly parallel classes, now they have one more thing in common. There are few differences between rangers and druids, one specializes in strength and skills (ranger), and the other specializes in wisdom and spells (druid), but they are both servants to Mother Nature and her many creations."

Fellowship of the Sword

"The Fellowship of the Sword is a guild for the mighty Warriors and unholy Deathknights alike. The Warriors specialize in the art of melee and use only their mind and body in a fight. They have no use for incantations or spells of any kind to demolish their opponent. The Deathknight, a damned Paladin sent back from the flames of hell, still have their Paladinial spells and skills. They have also acquired dark spells from the minions of the underworld. They fight with a mix of mind, body and spells. Their skills though, are not as finely honed as those of a warrior because of the extra task of learning spells."

House of Knowledge

"The House of Knowledge is a guild for multi-classes. These are classes that have skills and spells from all four of the basic classes of mage, cleric, thief, and warrior. The only two that fit this description are the delver and the augurer. Delvers get nearly all of the skills and spells that the Abattoir has to offer. They are the jacks of all trades, even though they get all of these skills and spells, they don't specialize in anything. On the other hand, augurers get few skills from thieves and warriors, and those that they do get they don't get to very high proficiencies. But they get many skills and spell from clerics and mages which they specialize in. Augurers also get spells that are specialized to their class."



Currently, there are no active orders in Abattoir. However, this should be changing shortly. Watch this space!



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