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A Deathknight is the terrifying corruption of a holy paladin or other type of noble warrior who has been cursed into its terrible form of undead as a punishment for a unforgivable crime. The face of a deathknight is a blackened skull covered with shreds of shriveled, rotting flesh. It's eyes are tiny, glowing orange-red dots in the caverns of the skull where the eyes used to be. It's armor is scorched black as if it has been in the fires of hell. It's chilling voice echoes as if coming from the depths of a hollow cavern. In their afterlife the Deathknight has the power to draw upon the magics of the hells, and yet still retain their fighting abilities as once great warriors.

(Note) This is a Advanced Class and therefore does not have access to the Chamber of Trials (newbie eq area).

Level 1
Spell: cure light
Skill: parry
Weapon: bludgeons
Weapon: flexible arms
Weapon: long blades
Weapon: missiles
Weapon: pugilism
Weapon: short blades
Weapon: talonous arms
Tongue: common
Tongue: dwarven
Tongue: elvish
Tongue: gith
Tongue: goblin
Tongue: halfling
Tongue: ogre
Tongue: orcish
Tongue: pixie
Tongue: trollese
Level 2
Spell: detect magic
Level 3
Spell: cause light
Skill: dig
Level 4
Spell: refresh
Level 5
Spell: cure blindness
Spell: detect evil
Skill: aid
Level 6
Spell: blindness
Spell: detect invis
Skill: mount
Level 7
Spell: know alignment
Skill: search
Level 8
Spell: cause serious
Spell: cure serious
Spell: detect hidden
Level 9
Spell: poison
Skill: doorbash
Skill: second attack
Level 10
Spell: cure poison
Skill: climb
Skill: kick
Level 11
Spell: shocking grasp
Level 12
Spell: create symbol
Level 13
Spell: curse
Spell: lethargy
Level 14
Skill: second cast
Level 15
Spell: cause critical
Spell: cure critical
Level 16
Skill: dodge
Level 17
Skill: meditate
Level 18
Spell: harm
Spell: word of recall
Level 20
Skill: enhanced damage
Skill: third attack
Level 22
Spell: shield
Level 26
Spell: fatigue
Skill: disarm
Level 28
Skill: dual wield
Level 30
Skill: fourth attack
Level 32
Skill: grip
Level 35
Skill: third cast
Level 40
Skill: rescue
Level 45
Spell: feebleness
Spell: ill fortune
Level 50
Skill: fifth attack
Skill: trance
Level 52
Skill: focus
Level 55
Skill: fourth cast
Level 60
Skill: sixth attack
Skill: stun
Level 62
Skill: track
Level 65
Spell: necromantic touch
Level 70
Spell: gate
Level 75
Skill: fifth cast
Level 85
Skill: sixth cast
Level 95
Spell: black lightning


History Rules Newbie Guide Classes and Races
Geography Clans and Guilds Hall of Fame Links


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