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A slight movement within the shadows draws your attention, suddenly a dark figure falls forward, a dagger sticking out of its neck. Not a sound did you hear, no movement other than the falling of the dead body. Quickly you turn and run for safer ground, for with the perfection of the kill you know that a 'Nightblade' is about. Nightblades are the legendary assassins, never heard, never seen. Their fighting abilities are almost a match for any warrior's, and their stealth is unknown to any thief. Some say it is with the aid of magic that they move about undetected. They are the elite of the thieves; the masters of the shadows.

(Note) This is an Advanced Class and does not have access to the Chamber of Trials (newbie equipment area).

Level 1
Skill: climb
Skill: dodge
Skill: hide
Skill: peek
Skill: pick lock
Skill: sneak
Weapon: bludgeons
Weapon: flexible arms
Weapon: long blades
Weapon: missiles
Weapon: pugilism
Weapon: short blades
Weapon: talonous arms
Tongue: common
Tongue: dwarven
Tongue: elvish
Tongue: gith
Tongue: goblin
Tongue: halfling
Tongue: ogre
Tongue: orcish
Tongue: pixie
Tongue: trollese
Level 2
Spell: invis
Skill: dig
Skill: mount
Skill: steal
Level 4
Skill: backstab
Skill: limber
Skill: search
Level 8
Spell: chill touch
Level 10
Spell: knock
Skill: second attack
Level 12
Skill: aid
Skill: scan
Skill: second cast
Level 14
Spell: detect hidden
Spell: detect invis
Skill: meditate
Level 16
Skill: detrap
Skill: enhanced damage
Level 19
Spell: kindred strength
Spell: poison
Skill: disarm
Level 20
Spell: detect poison
Skill: gouge
Level 25
Skill: circle
Skill: track
Level 26
Skill: roguish blessing
Level 27
Skill: poison weapon
Skill: third attack
Level 29
Spell: pass door
Level 33
Spell: astral walk
Skill: third cast
Level 35
Spell: scry
Level 37
Skill: fourth attack
Skill: punch
Level 40
Spell: unravel defense
Skill: dual wield
Level 45
Skill: trance
Level 47
Skill: evaluate
Level 48
Spell: shadowform
Skill: fourth cast
Level 49
Skill: bash
Skill: fifth attack
Level 52
Skill: focus
Level 53
Skill: findperson
Level 56
Spell: true sight
Level 63
Skill: findobject
Level 65
Spell: razorbait
Level 70
Skill: sixth attack
Skill: stun
Level 76
Skill: intimidate
Level 86
Skill: hitall


History Rules Newbie Guide Classes and Races
Geography Clans and Guilds Hall of Fame Links


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