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Vampires are powerful beings which require copious quantities of fresh blood. Here is a brief summary of how they compare to the other classes:

- Vampires use blood points (bp) instead of mana for casting spells.
- Blood points can be lost by taking large amounts of damage during battle.
- Spare blood points can save a vampire during battle by providing a small
burst of extra hit points (hp).
- Vampires get a penalty to armor class during the day, and a bonus during
the night.
- Vampires may mist walk to their victims under cover of darkness. (See help 'mist walk')

Level 1
Weapon: bludgeons
Weapon: flexible arms
Weapon: long blades
Weapon: missiles
Weapon: pugilism
Weapon: short blades
Weapon: talonous arms
Tongue: common
Tongue: dwarven
Tongue: elvish
Tongue: gith
Tongue: goblin
Tongue: halfling
Tongue: ogre
Tongue: orcish
Tongue: pixie
Tongue: trollese
Level 2
Spell: infravision
Spell: ventriloquate
Skill: dig
Level 3
Spell: chill touch
Spell: invis
Skill: feed
Skill: hide
Skill: sneak
Level 5
Spell: remove invis
Skill: enhanced damage
Level 6
Spell: know alignment
Spell: poison
Spell: weaken
Skill: steal
Level 8
Spell: magic missile
Skill: climb
Skill: mount
Level 9
Spell: float
Skill: search
Level 10
Spell: curse
Spell: detect invis
Spell: fly
Spell: refresh
Level 11
Spell: teleport
Skill: parry
Skill: second attack
Level 12
Spell: shocking grasp
Spell: sleep
Level 13
Spell: harm
Level 14
Spell: charm person
Skill: kick
Level 15
Spell: identify
Spell: kindred strength
Skill: aid
Level 16
Spell: pass door
Skill: peek
Level 17
Spell: dragon wit
Spell: energy drain
Spell: lightning bolt
Level 18
Spell: control weather
Level 20
Spell: detect hidden
Spell: detect magic
Spell: detect traps
Spell: locate object
Skill: second cast
Level 22
Skill: dodge
Level 23
Spell: fireball
Skill: third attack
Level 24
Skill: occulutus visum
Level 25
Spell: dispel magic
Spell: flamestrike
Skill: disarm
Skill: pick lock
Level 27
Spell: shield
Level 29
Spell: scry
Level 30
Spell: remove trap
Spell: stone skin
Spell: word of recall
Level 35
Spell: earthquake
Spell: mist walk
Skill: dual wield
Level 36
Skill: scan
Level 38
Skill: fourth attack
Level 40
Spell: enchant weapon
Level 45
Spell: transport
Level 51
Skill: fifth attack
Level 52
Skill: limber
Level 57
Spell: necromantic touch
Level 60
Skill: track
Level 70
Skill: third cast
Level 75
Spell: shadowform
Skill: sixth attack
Level 93
Spell: feebleness
Level 95
Spell: spiral blast
Level 99
Spell: black lightning


History Rules Newbie Guide Classes and Races
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