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Here are some of the Abattoir's key features...

  • Saerdoun, City of Wonders... unique main city with many shops
  • Explorer points rewarding those who choose to wander
  • "Power Hour" giving bonus experience for your first hour of play each day
  • Buyable player housing allowing for item storage and a place to call home
  • Several new classes for remorts such as Nightblades, Delvers, and Sword-mages
  • Several new skills and spells for all classes
  • Levelling requires accumulating experience points plus completing quests, encouraging the all-round player
  • Banking system allowing safe storage of gold
  • 100 mortal levels
  • Specialised questing areas for levels 95+
  • Several new races such as Golem, Demon, and Spirit
  • Six multi-class guilds, with storage and shop facilities
  • Four player-killing clans, also with storage and shop facilities
  • Three religious orders, with various facilities
  • Regular 'Open Forums' for players and admins to discuss the game
  • Ability to set bounties on deadly players
  • Regular tournaments held on Sundays for the enjoyment of all players
  • Abattoir's unique statistic generator thwarts re-roll and Smaug 'statname' abuse
  • ...and hundreds of small bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements to the base code.

Please use the menu (at the top and bottom of each page) to look at the different areas of the site and get a feel for what Abattoir has to offer. People who have not played a game like this before may find the Newbie Guide especially useful.



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