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Hall of Fame

Some players deserve special mention for their position or achievements in the game. They are mentioned below...


These privileged few are those who are currently entrusted with the job of maintaining order, creating new lands, answering questions, fixing errors and mistakes, and generally running the MUD.

Supreme Entity

Gwendlyn Cit Elcaranthir Kyasha

Ascendant Gods


Demi Gods
Zghar Gannalk Quezacot

Gossamer Eldor Klomp Gix

Ellya Saldon Chromium


Jacob Sumner Narayan Kyra Amnect Forgrim Kether Sean Badastaz Lazarus
Wargreymon Freya

List of Remorts

These are the players who have done 100 or more levels on Abattoir, thus proving their skill, courage, and perseverance. Remorts from before the move to 100 mortal levels are not included. (Note: this list is not necessarily always up to date. Please feel free to send any additions and/or amendments to abattoir@abattoir.wolfpaw.net.)

Name Remort Type Avatar Immortalship
Taath ? Master ? -
Pandragon 21-Mar-99 Master 8-May-99 16-May-99
Chade 21-Mar-99 Master 28-Apr-99 7-May-99
Kali 24-Mar-99 Master 3-May-99 -
Vincent 31-Mar-99 Master 23-Jul-02 -
Durak 12-Apr-99 Guardian -
Tolonaa 14-Apr-99 Guardian ?
Memphisto 15-Apr-99 Master 23-Oct-99 30-Oct-99
Cit 15-Apr-99 Guardian 13-Sep-99 20-Sep-99
Lazarus 27-Apr-99 Guardian 15-May-99 26-May-99
Harmonia 24-May-99 Guardian -
Gannalk 5-Sep-99 Guardian 12-Dec-00 1-Jan-01
Hattorask 12-Sep-99 Guardian 23-Oct-99 30-Oct-99
Eversoul 4-Oct-99 Master -
Jacob May-00 Guardian Jul-00
Quezacot Master 01-April-01 10-May-01
Shadraq Master 20-May-01
Cremlae Master -
Thoric Guardian -
Eldor Guardian 2001?
Kyasha Guardian 16-Aug-01 25-Aug-01
Navarath 21-Jul-02 Master 12-Sep-02 -
Gix   31-Aug-02 2002
Klomp 24-Jul-02 Master 18-Sep-02 2002
Chromium 24-Jul-02 Master   2002
Recoil 31-Aug-02 Master 12-Sep-02 April-03
Laurel 23-Sep-02 Master ? -


History Rules Newbie Guide Classes and Races
Geography Clans and Guilds Hall of Fame Links


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