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This page is devoted to useful links for our players and immortals. If you have a link that you'd like to see added to this list, please submit it to abattoir@abattoir.wolfpaw.net .


Mudconnector listing - see our entry at the Mudconnector site, where you can leave a review - positive, we hope! - and see our current statistics.

The Abattoir webboard and chatroom - rarely used, but might come in handy on the rare occurence that the MUD is down for some reason.


MUD FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about MUDs and mudding. Go here for more information about these games, the history, different types of server, and so on.

MUD Players Directory - It's always a shame to lose track of old mudding friends - enter your details here so that people can find you in the years to come.

Smaug - the Abattoir code is based on the SMAUG code, which can be found here.

Everchanging Book Of Names - stuck for a new character name? This handy program might just be what you need.

Muds Directory - Lots of links to MUD-related stuff.


Places to go and tell other MUD players how good Abattoir is!

MudPlanet forums
Mudconnector forums
TopMudSites forums (But please go to their site via our voting link!)
Kyndig.com boards

MUD Clients

Software to play Abattoir with - especially useful if you are just using Windows Telnet to play!

gMUD (Windows, shareware)
ZuggSoft's zMUD (Windows, shareware)
SimpleMU (Windows, shareware)
MUSHClient (Windows, time-limited?)
FireClient (Windows)
ROAClient (Windows, free)
MCL (a UNIX client)
GNOME-Mud (LINUX client running under Gnome)
KMUD (LINUX client for KDE that nobody can seem to install :P)
RMC: Ron's MUD Client (another LINUX client for X)
A selection of MUD clients

Contact details

To contact the current owner and administrator of the MUD, email abattoir@abattoir.wolfpaw.net.

Our server is hosted by Wolfpaw Services.



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