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"Many years ago, a trading vessel named Sunray found herself caught in a mighty storm, blown far off course, and many moons deep into the uncharted waters to the West."

Welcome to Abattoir! Now in its 6th year of uninterrupted operation, our game features monster-slaying, questing, and the exploration of a new land.

Welcome to the Abattoir MUD web site! Abattoir is based upon the popular and easy-to-learn SMAUG codebase, with numerous new additions and enhancements to the code to make this a truly interesting and fun place to play. And with over 8000 rooms and almost 100 areas, 75% unique and exclusive to Abattoir, you know you will find this realm to be like no other...

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Telnet to abattoir.wolfpaw.net, port 3232

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Please use the menu (at the top and bottom of each page) to look at the different areas of the site. People who have not played a game like this before may find the Newbie Guide especially useful.

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